Thursday, January 28, 2010

You Have to Make Choices

Choosing not to decide is still a choice. Choosing to wait for more information is still a choice... to wait.

I had to make a choice earlier this month about the various commitments in my life - to remove something to keep my sanity. Anxiety and panic attacks forced me to seek professional help and through an exercise we did together I made a choice.

It was exhilerating.

Finally deciding what to remove from my schedule felt like a weight had been lifted. It was a little bit easier to breathe. This wasn't easy, mind you, but the end result was healthy. I was afraid to upset the people invoved but they told me they understood. I'm learning to accept what people say and not continue to worry about what they really think.

This choice also frees up time for me - time I can spend with the kids, which frees up other time I can now spend writing instead. Complicated but it works. I promise.

Today I was just thinking about how all day long we make choices - big and small - and how every choice we make has a consequence - big or small.

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  1. Congratulations! I know that relief! I hope it works out like you want it to!