Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tue 9/29

I have been in a funk....every morning I wake up feeling like I didn't sleep more than 3 hours. So NO I haven't been to the gym, and NO I haven't been writing or editing, and NO I will not apologize. I need to get off this computer and into bed ASAP so maybe, just maybe I can start fresh tomorrow.

Can I have a few excuses...please? I co-hosted a bead party Friday, I ran errands and took one daughter at a birthday party Sat afternoon, and I did work as a volunteer for all 4 services at church this weekend in the children's ministry...high energy stuff here...and played mommy and ran errands, and had a small group Sunday night, homework with the girls last night, ran a girl scout meeting tonight, then ame home and worked on scout paperwork and emails, tried to catch up on personal emails and some networking and now here I am at almost 11pm already with no reading or relaxing yet!!!!

I plan to read at least 2 chapters in Exodus tonight (churchwide homework reading assignment...lol) then at least 15 min of personal reading for myself, then I promise...lights out and at least some aerobics if I don't get up early enough for the gym.

I promise!!

And I promise to spend at least an hour combined of editing and writing tomorrow night. Maybe by this weekend I can get some sort of schedule in place.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

9/23 Update

No breakthroughs on 9/23 but I did make time 9/22 to catch up a little on our bible reading assignment (for my church) - I finished Genesis. Only 4 more books left this month....yet it took me 3 weeks to read just 1!!!

Last night my husband and I enjoyed a double date for dinner. We can't recall ever having done that. We've eaten out plenty of times with other couples, just not without kids. Dinner was great (3 hours) and the conversation was good, too. We went with another couple from church, parents as well but with teenagers instead of young'ns. Good people. Good times. Ahhh :)

And thank god for grandparents. My father stayed with the girls, fed them dinner, got them cleaned up and into bed. Hallelujah.

Today I took off work to focus on my writing. I've got a few goals in mind for some editing, outlining and a little time for writing my 2nd novel...not sure yet if it's a YA or not.

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Update 9/22

So, I did not get up early this morning and go for a jog but I did go to bed with a clean sink in the kitchen which is almost like...well it's a big plus for my husband. A clean sink mean I love him.

I fully intended to go to sleep early but we watched a movie together after the girls went to sleep and didn't realize it was a full length movie....it was a documentary style (Who Killed the Electric Car) and so I was up late...again. (sigh) Not to mention, I promised my 9 year old I'd read some of her story she's reading for her book club at school that night. So after the movie I read 2 chapters of the Indian in the Cupboard.

When the alarm went off this morning, I hit snooze without thinking twice. I did keep my coffee limit to 1 cup today instead of 2. My goal is to have my light off before 10:30 tonight.

After I cleaned the kitchen (2 nights in a row) I read a bible story to the girls. And here I am wrapping up email girl scout emails, children's church emails and a light blog.

Baby steps.

Tomorrow I will get up 15 min earlier. I will use that 15 min to run on the treadmill.

Monday, September 21, 2009

make time for what counts

I can't count the number of days I wish I'd done other things (like go to the gym, read a certain book, pray, sew a button on something that broke 3 weeks ago, play with the girls...you get the idea) and suddenly it's past bedtime and midnight is creeping up on me.

We need to prioritize, making time to do what's really important ASAP - before the day moves into fast forward and our busy lives overwhelm us, crowding out so many little things that just don't fit.

I have been telling myself if I really want time to read and write I'll get up early the next day. And if I want to lose weight and be healthy I really can, just get up EVEN earlier to do that, too. But that means I need to train my body to fall asleep at like...9 or 10pm!!

But once the girls are in bed I talk to my husband, might watch tv show or work on our bible study. Sometimes there's bills to pay or email to check.

I need one of those Svens I saw on tv. Maybe if he cooked dinner, cleaned up and made sure homework was done BEFORE I got home from work I could play with them instead of getting frustrated and rushing to get errands and chores done. Alas, I cannot afford a Sven and each blurry day blleds into weeks and years...I blinked and my toddler is now in 1st grade and my kindergartner is in 4th grade, heading on doublew digits next spring. OMG!!

I'm gonna work on setting priorities and goals and making a change, even if just one, toward a better life. No one else can do it for me.