Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I promise to get a handle on my life before I end up in the ER with an anxiety attack. I didn't want to commit to NaNo but I went ahead and gave it a whirl this past weekend and ended up writing 2500 words on Sunday. Not bad for one afternoon in the midst of a bunch of errands and events and stuff.

Tonight I banged out a 300 short story (if you can call it that) for a contest. I submitted with fingers crossed. I read it to my husband and he didn't really care for it. Of course I didn't share it with him until AFTER I submitted it. Ugghhh!! se la vie

I still have not worked exercising into my daily routine...or even a weekly routine.

And I'm not praying with consistency or reading with consistency. The only thing consistant is the need for consistency. I need a plan and the discipline to stick with it.

And now it is late I need sleep. G'nite!

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