Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wow...I actually made it to the gym tonight. And I have plans to aerobicize in the morning and visit the gym again on Saturday. Woot! Woot!

So, I'm not loving this NaNo thing. I was not prepared for it and I am not even having fun with the story. But, I am still gonna plug along when I get the time. I wrote another 200 words tonight. The story is stuck and not going anywhere and when I stop and try to figure it out I ended up doing a bunch of thinking and no typing!!

New train of 9yr old cooked dinner tonight. Yes. My 9 year old daughter. She's taken some cooking classes, summer school workshops, etc. and so I let her pick out some recipes and make dinner. It was pretty cool. Kids will amaze you if you can step back and give them some breathing room. It was an asian inspired dish. Spring onion pancakes, and some kind of eggs that were dark green from all the chives and soy sauce. And we had a plum sauce for dipping. Neato!

I enjoyed my Office and 30 Rock, did some writing, did some forum posting and blogging. Now I'm gonna read for 10 minutes and try to get some sleep. I hope to get my NaNo over 3K this weekend and that's it. No big goal there.


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