Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tue 9/29

I have been in a funk....every morning I wake up feeling like I didn't sleep more than 3 hours. So NO I haven't been to the gym, and NO I haven't been writing or editing, and NO I will not apologize. I need to get off this computer and into bed ASAP so maybe, just maybe I can start fresh tomorrow.

Can I have a few excuses...please? I co-hosted a bead party Friday, I ran errands and took one daughter at a birthday party Sat afternoon, and I did work as a volunteer for all 4 services at church this weekend in the children's ministry...high energy stuff here...and played mommy and ran errands, and had a small group Sunday night, homework with the girls last night, ran a girl scout meeting tonight, then ame home and worked on scout paperwork and emails, tried to catch up on personal emails and some networking and now here I am at almost 11pm already with no reading or relaxing yet!!!!

I plan to read at least 2 chapters in Exodus tonight (churchwide homework reading assignment...lol) then at least 15 min of personal reading for myself, then I promise...lights out and at least some aerobics if I don't get up early enough for the gym.

I promise!!

And I promise to spend at least an hour combined of editing and writing tomorrow night. Maybe by this weekend I can get some sort of schedule in place.


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