Thursday, September 24, 2009

9/23 Update

No breakthroughs on 9/23 but I did make time 9/22 to catch up a little on our bible reading assignment (for my church) - I finished Genesis. Only 4 more books left this month....yet it took me 3 weeks to read just 1!!!

Last night my husband and I enjoyed a double date for dinner. We can't recall ever having done that. We've eaten out plenty of times with other couples, just not without kids. Dinner was great (3 hours) and the conversation was good, too. We went with another couple from church, parents as well but with teenagers instead of young'ns. Good people. Good times. Ahhh :)

And thank god for grandparents. My father stayed with the girls, fed them dinner, got them cleaned up and into bed. Hallelujah.

Today I took off work to focus on my writing. I've got a few goals in mind for some editing, outlining and a little time for writing my 2nd novel...not sure yet if it's a YA or not.

Happy Thursday!

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