Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Update 9/22

So, I did not get up early this morning and go for a jog but I did go to bed with a clean sink in the kitchen which is almost like...well it's a big plus for my husband. A clean sink mean I love him.

I fully intended to go to sleep early but we watched a movie together after the girls went to sleep and didn't realize it was a full length movie....it was a documentary style (Who Killed the Electric Car) and so I was up late...again. (sigh) Not to mention, I promised my 9 year old I'd read some of her story she's reading for her book club at school that night. So after the movie I read 2 chapters of the Indian in the Cupboard.

When the alarm went off this morning, I hit snooze without thinking twice. I did keep my coffee limit to 1 cup today instead of 2. My goal is to have my light off before 10:30 tonight.

After I cleaned the kitchen (2 nights in a row) I read a bible story to the girls. And here I am wrapping up email girl scout emails, children's church emails and a light blog.

Baby steps.

Tomorrow I will get up 15 min earlier. I will use that 15 min to run on the treadmill.

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