Monday, October 12, 2009

Mon 10/12 - Planning, Writing, Juggling

So I did some editing of one WIP and re-writing of another over the weekend. Considering how busy our family was, that felt like a success. I am having trouble getting back into my paranormal YA to edit. The task seems so overwhelming that I'm waiting for an enormous amount of time to sink into it, which isn't in my near future. I just need to schedule time to devote to it.

Lately I've been trying to start a 3rd novel (4th actaully, but its complicated). I'm questioning my process. With my very 1st, I started with research and outlines and never actually wrote anything yet - to date. My 2nd and only completed (if I can call it that) novel I just started typing and ideas and scenes came spilling out. So I worked on an outline and then started writing the story. My 3rd novel came from a creative writing assignment I gave myeslf to force build a daily habit of writing...anything. I have no outline still, just ideas and images in my head.

So now,with my 4th I have an idea but not a full plot. I'm trying to write but feel like I should know where I'm going and now I'm confused. Today I tried to write a synopsis, thinking this would help me decide who my MC really is, what her hang-ups are and why the story is so gosh darn important to tell. It was hard. Real hard. This one feels like it needs a plan before I let the words spill out of me for some reason and I can't get into it like I did with my 1st (wait no, my 2nd).

I'm home after working all day, have to go over the kid's homework, prepare dinner, prepare for tomorrow night's girl scout meeting and maybe clean out my inbox just a little. I'm also in the middle of a couple of good books that I'd like to finish.

Calgon take me away!


  1. People ask me, how do yo write a novel? I tell them the unfortunate part is each project is unique in my approach to it. Or is that the fun part?

  2. I'm no help, dearie... I can't come up with anything until I'm actually writing the darn thing. I try and figure it out before, and come up with nothing but random crap that doesn't match my idea. It's gotta be organic for me...maybe try writing a scene or two, see if the character is there, just waiting to be written?
    all full of advice and stuff, today