Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday 10/19 Update

Thu - Sun I edited the 1st 6 chapters of my 60k YA and I'm making more changes in my outline for plot events today that just make more sense and create a better flow. Some days it feels like it will never be done! Argh!

I did finish the m.s. I was beta reading. And I made time for leisure reading as well as time with my family. I even cooked dinner both saturday and sunday night.

Goal setting is something I have become tentative to approach. I hate failing at anything but love accomplishing challenging tasks. I need to:
* catch up on bible reading
* create a discussion question for my Small Group regarding bibe reading for October
* prepare for children's church this weekend (I perform w/a partner for all 4 services)
* finish outlining YA m.s. with new plot ideas
* implement these ideas - at least basically in my ms
* provide feedback regarding the m.s. I beta read

In addition to friends n family plans!

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