Saturday, October 3, 2009


Wow! The days really fly by....ugh. Been in a cleaning mood, so my 9yr old and I have been cleaning the fridge, finally organizing the pile of clutter in the dining room, sorting out the front closet, and cleaning the whole kitchen. We started Thursday, had to break Friday cuz we had a wedding, and we're back strong today. She's a little worker bee and I thank God for her. My husband took the 6yr old to run errands after his bible class this morning.

I haven't really done any writing lately and I haven't felt well enough to work out (sigh). I am hoping for a fresh start this week.

In fact, in order to help force a writing habit, I may enter the Nov NaNoWiMo. You have to write 50K from 11/01 - 11/30. It doesn't have to be any good, just forces you to get into the habit of web surfing or editing, just pushing out words in volume. I've been contemplating and I think I've decided to go ahead with the commitment.

I don't know how to motivate myself on the working out. I want to be healthy and look good, but apparantly that's not enough motivation. I know myself well enough to realize I am a group person and am more willing to go when I have a partner. So, I just need to plan my workouts around my BFF (my sister) I guess.

Well, I need to hunt up a couple of good crock recipes for those hectic weekdays and finish writing our meal plan for the week so I can go grocery shop and be back in time to get the family off to church.

Maybe I'll get back to my manuscript tomorrow!

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