Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sat 10/10 10am

Last night was nice; real good food. My dad's shrimp and scallops were phenomenal. Thank God for birthdays....they give us a good reason to stop everything and go out and drop $100 on dinner.

Chris is at church for a class this morning (Old Testament) so me and the girls are cleaning the house. They are such good helpers. My 6yr old cleaned all the doorknobs and straightened up the living room, while my 9yr old cleaned the microwave and vacuumed. They don't get upset, they understand that if we work together it gets done faster and I award them points that get turned into an allowance every Friday.

We have some errands, then church tonight and we are entertaining guests tomorrow evening, so I'm sure we'll have some light cleaning tomorrow, as well.

No time for writing or editing today, but I can't stop thoughts and plot ideas from popping around inside my head.

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